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Switching on and off

Your Mazda NB1 switches on when your car engine starts and switches off automatically when you turn off your car's engine.

Until a connection has been established between the car and the Mazda NB1, the screen shows audio-related information and the NAV button on the main display is inactive. In some situations when you start the car, the navigation device may restart. If this happens, press the NAV button. A black screen is shown and it may take up to 30 seconds for the main screen to appear.

Under extreme temperature conditions, the navigation device may not start. When the temperature is within the normal range again, the device should start. If the device fails to start automatically in this situation, stop your car engine and start the car engine again.

Note: In some situations, your navigation system may restart when turning your key in the ignition from ACC-ON to the engine start position. If this happens, it may take up to 30 seconds for the main screen to appear on the navigation system.

Setting up

When you first switch on your device, you have to answer a few questions to set up the device. Answer the questions by tapping the screen.

GPS reception

When you first start your Mazda NB1 navigation device, the device may need a few minutes to determine your GPS position and show your current position on the map. In the future, your position will be found much faster, usually within a few seconds.

In areas where GPS reception is not possible, such as tunnels, your location may not be accurate.

Important: The GPS antenna is located in the dashboard so do not put objects on the dashboard.

Device not starting

In rare cases, your TomTom navigation module may not start correctly or may stop responding to your taps. For example, if the device temperature is too high or too low, the system shuts down.

In rare circumstances, you may need to reset your navigation device. To reset your device, switch off the car engine and then remove the memory card. Re-insert the memory card and switch the car engine on again.

Take care of your device

It is important to take care of your device as follows:

  • Your device is not designed for use in extreme temperatures and any such exposure may cause permanent damage.
  • Do not open the casing of your device under any circumstances. Doing so may be dangerous and will void the warranty.

Important: If you sell your car, you should remove all personal information from your navigation device first. To remove your personal information, tap Settings and then tap Reset factory settings.

More information

The website offers direct access to additional information for your product (English only). This includes information on the use of voice-recognition and on performing updates.

On the website, click Navigation system owner information.