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About settings

You can change the way your Mazda NB1 device looks and behaves. Most of the settings on your device can be accessed by tapping Settings in the Main menu.

Note: Not all settings described here are available on all devices.

2D/3D settings


Tap this button to set the default view of the map. To switch between 2D and 3D views while driving, tap the left side of the status bar in Driving View.

It is sometimes easier to view the map from above, such as when navi-gating a complex road network.

The 2D view shows a two dimensional view of the map as though viewed from above.

The 3D view shows a three dimensional view of the map as though you are driving through the landscape.

The following buttons are available:

  • In 2D view: rotate map in direction of travel - tap this button so the map is rotated automatically with the direction you are traveling al-ways at the top.
  • Switch to 3D view when following a route - tap this button to show the map automatically in 3D view when you are following a route.

Advanced settings


Tap this button to select the following advanced settings:

  • Show house number before street name - when this setting is selected, addresses are shown with the house number followed by the street name, such as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Show street names - when this setting is selected, street names are shown on the map in the Driving View. You do not need to select this option when your Mazda NB1 is set to read aloud street names using a computer voice.
  • Show next street name - when this setting is selected, the name of the next street on your route is shown at the top of the Driving view.
  • Show current street name on map - when this setting is selected, the name of the street you are on is shown at the bottom of the Driving view.
  • Show location preview - when this setting is selected, a graphical preview of your destination is shown during route planning.
  • Enable automatic zooming in 2D view
  • Enable automatic zooming in 3D view
  • Show lane images - when this setting is selected, a graphical view of the road ahead shows which lane you need when you approach a junction or highway exit. This feature is not available for all roads.
  • Show tips - this setting switches tips on and off.
  • Automatically adjust clock for time zone - when this setting is selected, your clock is automatically adjusted for your time zone.

Car symbol


Tap this button to select the car symbol that shows your current location in the Driving view.

Home location


Tap this button to set or change your Home location. You enter the ad-dress in the same way as you do when you plan a route.

Your Home location provides an easy way to plan a route to an important location.

For most people, your Home location will be your home address. How-ever, you might prefer to set the location to another regular destination, such as your place of work.



Tap this button to add, rename or delete Favorites.

Favorites provide an easy way to select a location without the need to enter the address. They do not need to be favorite places, they can simply be seen as a collection of useful addresses.

To create a new Favorite, tap Add. Then enter the location address in the same way that you enter an address when you plan a route.


To view or change an existing Favorite, tap one of the items in the list. To see more Favorites on the map, tap the left or right buttons.




Tap this button to select the keyboards that will be available for your use and the layout of the Latin keyboard.

You use the keyboard to enter names and addresses, such as when you plan a route or search for the name of a town or a local restaurant.

Make your own menu


Tap this button to add up to six buttons to your own personalized menu.

If there are only one or two buttons in your menu, both buttons are shown in the Driving view.

If you have three or more buttons in your menu, then a single button is shown in the Driving view which opens your menu when tapped.

Map colors


Tap this button to select the color schemes for day and night map colors.

Tap Search to search for a color scheme by typing the name.

Manage POIs


Tap this button to manage your own Point of Interest (POI) categories and locations.

You can set your Mazda NB1 device to let you know when you are near to selected POI locations. For example, you could set the device to let you know when you are approaching a gas station.

You can create your own POI categories and add your own POI locations to these categories.

You can, for example, create a new POI category called Friends. You could then add all your friends' addresses as POIs in this new category.

Tap the following buttons to create and maintain your own POIs:

  • Add POI - tap this button to add a location to one of your own POI categories.
  • Warn when near POI - tap this button to set your device to warn you when you are near selected POIs.
  • Delete POI - tap this button to delete a POI.
  • Edit POI - tap this button to edit one of your own POIs.
  • Add POI category - tap this button to create a new POI category.
  • Delete POI category - tap this button to delete one of your own POI categories.

Reset factory settings

Important: If you sell your car, you should remove all personal information from your navigation device first. To remove your personal information, tap Settings and then tap Reset factory set-tings.

Reset factory settings


Tap this button to delete all your personal settings and restore the standard factory settings to your Mazda NB1.

This is not a software update and will not affect the version of the soft-ware application installed on your Mazda NB1.

Important: This feature deletes all your personal settings!

If you want to keep your personal information and settings, you should perform a full backup of your Mazda NB1 before you reset the device. You can then restore all your personal information and settings after you reset the device. This includes items such as your Home and Favorite locations, your personal menu and your POI categories and POI locations.

Planning settings


Tap the Planning settings button to set the way your Mazda NB1 calculates the routes that you plan. The settings for planning consist of several options that are spread over several screens. Each setting is described below.

Route planning

Set the type of route you want your Mazda NB1 to calculate.

Tap IQ Routes to set if you want the device to use IQ Routes information to help find the best route.

Fastest route

Choose whether you want to avoid highways.

Replanning settings

Note: This setting is only available if your device has either a traffic subscription or an RDS-TMC Receiver. Traffic information is not available in all countries or regions. For more in-formation about TomTom traffic information services, go to

Set whether you want your Mazda NB1 to replan the current route if a faster route is found while you are driving. This is useful if traffic builds up or clears further ahead on your route. Choose from the following settings:

  • Always switch to that route - select this option to receive no messages when a faster route is found. The current route is automatically re-calculated to be the fastest one.
  • Ask me if I want that route - select this option to be asked if you want to take the new route. When asked if you want to take the alternative route, tap Yes to have the current route re-calculated as the fastest one. Tap No if you don't want to take alternative route.

Tap Info to see a summary of both the original and the alternative routes. You can then tap Done to take the fastest route or Current route to remain on your original route.

  • Never change my route - select this option to receive no messages and simply be shown the new route on the screen.

Map information settings

Set whether you want to be warned if your route passes through an area where your map contains only limited information.

Toll road, ferry, carpool lanes and unpaved road settings

Set how your Mazda NB1 should manage each of these four road features when the device calculates a route.

Carpool lanes are sometimes known as High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes and are not present in every country. To travel on these lanes, you may need to have more than one person in the car, for example, or the car may need to use environmentally-friendly fuel.

Route summary

Set whether you want the route summary screen to close automatically after you plan a route. If you select No, then you will need to tap Done to close the route summary screen every time you plan a route.

Safety settings


Tap this button to select the safety features you want to use on your device.

Show POI on map


Tap this button to select the types of Point of Interest (POI) you want to see on the map.

  1. Tap Show POI on map in the Settings menu.
  2. Select the POI categories you want to be shown on the map.

Tap Search and use the keyboard to search for a category name.

  1. Select whether you want POIs to be shown in 2D or 3D views of the map.
  2. Tap Done.

Point of Interest locations are shown on the map as symbols.

Status bar


Note: Not all options may be available.

Tap this button to select the information you want to see on the status bar:

  • Horizontal - show the status bar at the bottom of the Driving view.
  • Vertical - show the status bar on the right-hand side of the Driving view.
  • Maximum speed

Important: The speed limit is shown next to your current speed. If you drive faster than the speed limit, you see a warning indicator in the status bar, for example the status bar pane turns red.

Information about speed limits is not available for all roads.

  • Remaining distance - the distance to your destination.
  • Leeway - your Mazda NB1 shows how late or early you will arrive, compared with your preferred arrival time that was set when you planned the route

Switch map


Tap this button to select the map you want to use for route planning and navigation.

Although you can store more than one map on the device, you can only use one map at a time for planning and navigation.

To switch from the current map to plan a route in another country or region, simply tap this button.

Note: The first time you switch to a map, you may need to connect to your MyTomTom account and activate the map.

Turn off voice guidance/Turn on voice guidance


Turn off voice guidance

Tap this button to switch off voice guidance. You will no longer hear spoken route instructions but you will still hear information such as traffic information and warnings.

Voice guidance is also switched off if you tap Turn off sound in the Settings menu.

Note: If you change the voice on your device, then voice guidance is automatically switched on for the new voice.


Turn on voice guidance

Tap this button to switch on voice guidance and hear spoken route instructions.




Tap this button to set the units used on your device for features such as route planning.

Version information


Version Information

Tap this button to find technical information on your device, such as the device serial number, application version and the map version.

You can also view the current status for GPS reception and your LIVE Services, if you have a subscription.



Change voice

Tap this button to change the voice that gives spoken directions and other route instructions.

A wide range of voices are available. There are computer voices which can read street names and other information directly from the map and there are human voices which have been recorded by actors.



Voice settings

Tap this button to set the type of spoken directions and other route in-structions your device will read aloud.