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The commander

About the commander

The commander is an input device located near the arm rest of your car in the central console.

It has a central stick that you can move in the following ways:

  • Push.
  • Rotate left or right.
  • Tilt up or down.
  • Tilt left or right.

Using the commander

  1. Push - selects the item in focus, for example, the volume control when focused on the middle panel of the status bar in the Driving View. Switches items on or off.
  2. Rotate left or right - operates slider bars, such as the volume control, and zoom in/out in the Driving View.
  3. Tilt up or down - moves the focus around the different areas of the screen or around the map when browsing.
  4. Tilt left or right - moves you between pages in a menu or between tabs on a screen.


Examples of how to carry out common tasks using the commander

  • To access the Main menu from the Driving View, push the stick in.
  • To zoom in or out in the Driving View, rotate the stick right and left.
  • When focused on the map in the Driving View, tilt right to access the traffic menu.
  • When focused on the map in the Driving View, tilt left to access the quick menu and the voice control microphone button.
  • When focused on the map in the Driving View, tilt down to access the volume control in the centre panel of the status bar.
  • To access the Driving View from the Main menu, tilt the stick down until you are focused on the Done button, then push in.
  • To move between letters on the keyboard screen, tilt left or right. Use tilt up or down to move to the letter above or below. You can also use rotate left or right to move between letters.