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The Driving view

About the driving view

When your Mazda NB1 navigation device starts for the first time, you are shown the Driving View along with detailed information about your current position.

Tap the center of the screen at any time to open the Main Menu.

The driving view


  1. Zoom button - tap the magnifying glass to show buttons for zooming in and out.
  2. Quick menu - to enable the quick menu, tap Make your own menu in the Settings menu.
  3. Your current position.
  4. Road sign information or the next street name.
  5. Traffic sidebar. Tap the sidebar to open the Traffic menu.The traffic sidebar is only shown if your device has either an HD Traffic subscription or an RDS-TMC Receiver. Traffic information is not available in all countries or regions.
  6. Microphone button for voice command and control.
  7. The time, your current speed and the speed limit, if known. To see the difference between your preferred arrival time and your estimated arrival time, check the Leeway checkbox in the Status bar settings.

    : Not all options may be available.Tap this part of the status bar to switch between a 3D map and a 2D map.
  8. The name of the street you are on.
  9. Navigation instruction for the road ahead and the distance to the next instruction. If the second instruction is less that 150m after the first instruction, you see it shown immediately instead of the distance.Tap this part of the status bar to repeat the last voice instruction and to change the volume. You can also tap here to mute the sound.
  10. The remaining trip time, the remaining distance and your estimated arrival time.Tap this part of the status bar to open the Route Summary screen.

To change the information shown in the status bar, tap Status bar in the Settings menu


The driving view symbols

driving-view-symbol-sound Sound muted


This symbol is shown when the sound has been muted.

To turn the sound back on, tap the middle panel in the status bar.


driving-view-symbol-ept Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT)


This symbol is shown when your device is using EPT to estimate your current location.

EPT automatically estimates your position when the GPS signal is lost while you are driving, such as when you are in a tunnel.