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Voice control

Voice control

There are two types of voice control.

The first type is provided by Mazda and you can read about it in the guide that came with your car.

The second type is provided by your navigation device and you can use it to plan routes and control other features of your navigation device. You do this by initially tapping the screen on the navigation device.

About navigation device voice control

Note: Voice control is not supported on all devices or in all languages.

Instead of tapping the screen to control your Mazda NB1, you can use your voice to control your Mazda NB1.

For example, to increase the volume on your Mazda NB1, you can say, "Increase volume" or "Volume 50%."

To view the list of available commands, tap Help in the Main menu then tap Product manuals and then tap What can I say.

Important: Voice control requires a computer voice. When there are no computer voices installed on your Mazda NB1, this feature is not available.

To select a computer voice, tap Voices in the Settings menu, then tap Change voice and select a computer voice.

Using voice control

Voice control is switched on by default if it is supported for your chosen language.

The following example shows how to use voice control to plan a trip to your Home address:

  1. Tap the microphone button in the Driving view to turn on the microphone.
    You see a screen with examples of commands you can say.
    Tap Help in the Main menu then tap Product manuals followed by What can I say to see a full list of commands you can say.
  2. voice-control-2When you hear "Say a command" followed by a tone, say a command of your choice. For example, you can say "Drive home." Your Mazda NB1 is only ready to listen after your hear the tone.While you are speaking the microphone monitor shows how well the device can hear your voice:A green bar means the device can hear your voice.A red bar means your voice is too loud for the device to recognize individual words.A gray bar means your voice is too quiet for the device to recognize individual words.For some phrases, your Mazda NB1 repeats what you say and asks for confirmation.Tip: For the best recognition of what you say, speak normally without trying to articulate words in an unnatural way. If there is excessive road noise, for example, you may need to speak in the direction of the microphone.
  3. If the command is correct, say "Yes."

If the command is incorrect, say "No" and repeat the command after you hear the prompt and tone again.

Your Mazda NB1 plans a route from your current location to your destination.

Tip: To stop your Mazda NB1 from listening for further commands, say "Cancel." To go back one step, say "Back."

Planning a trip using your voice

Note: It's not possible to plan a route using your voice for all maps in all countries, or in all languages.

You can navigate to any of the following types of places using your voice:

  • An address, including home.
  • Cities and towns and their centers.
  • Favorites.
  • POI categories.
  • POIs for named brands of, for example, restaurants, gas stations, car rental companies and gyms.
  • A recent destination.

To plan a route to an address using speech, do the following:

  1. Tap the voice control button in the Driving view.
  2. When you hear the tone, you can say, for example "Drive to an address."
    Tip: Your device has either Navigate to or Drive to on the button in the Main Menu. When planning a route to an address using speech, say "Navigate to address" if the button shows Navigate to or "Drive to address" if the button shows Drive to.
  3. Say the full address for your destination, for example, 112 Main Street, Riverside, California.
    Numbers can be pronounced naturally or one at a time. For example, 357 can be pronounced as "Three fifty seven" or "Three, five, seven."
    Your Mazda NB1 tells you what it heard.
  4. Say "Yes" if the address is correct. If shown a list of addresses, say the list number for the correct address or say "none of these."
    If part of the address is incorrect, you can say something like "change the number," "change the street," "change the city" or "change the state" to correct the incorrect part.
    To begin again, say "start over."

Tip: You may want to limit the search area for addresses to one state if you drive within the same state most of the time. To change the search area for addresses, tap Settings in the Main menu then tap Voice control and then tap Set address search area.

Your Mazda NB1 starts to guide you to your destination, using spoken instructions and on-screen directions.


You can also use your voice to search for the nearest Point of interest (POI) category or a popular brand name by saying something like "Drive to the nearest doctor" or "Drive to the nearest Starbucks."

To select a Recent destination or a Favorite, say "Drive to a recent destination" or "Drive to a Favorite."

Entering addresses using your voice

Even if you don't use voice control to start planning a trip, you can still use your voice to enter the address.

To start planning a trip tap Navigate to or Drive to in the Main menu, then tap Address, and then Spoken Address.

Spoken address


Tap this button to enter an address entirely using speech.

Spoken address helps you to enter information without tapping the screen.


To make it easier to start entering an address using your voice, you can add this button to the Quick Menu on the Driving View. To do this, tap Make your own menu in the Settings menu and then tap Drive to spoken address.

Your Mazda NB1 recognizes places and street names when they are spoken in the local language using local pronunciation. Spoken address entry is not possible for postal codes which must be entered using the key-board.